Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flowers for Eileen

We crossed the street at 2020 W. Waveland and entered the home of our friends, the Erenberg's. We care about them so much, it is crazy that we have hardly spoken during in the year and a half we've been away.

We were so focused on catching up that we didn't take any picture this time. But Cameron recently rescued some wonderful ones of Sam and Luke picking flowers for Eileen off our old computer. I'll use those pictures for this post.

We were with them for less than an hour. Probably only about 30 minutes.

We chased the kids and spun them around and hugged them then let them run off the the playroom in the basement. Cam and I sat in the kitchen and caught up with Eileen. Mike was out. We're sorry we missed him.

At one point, Luke and Sam entered the kitchen. Luke was shooting Nerf arrows, with suction cups on the end of them, out of a glow-in-the-dark gun, onto the glass door which leads to their amazing backyard play yard. The gun and the way he handled it was cool. They weren't obnoxious at all. Just sharing. Then they were off again.

When I went downstairs, a bit later, to find Nikki, Sam was in the swinging seat being tickled from all sides. He always had so much fun playing over there and we were thrilled whenever the kids came to our house to play too.

We were all hopeful that we'd connect again before we left the city but alas, everyone was busy with other plans. Maybe they'll come visit us in California someday.

Click here for the enitre Flickr set of Luke & Sam picking flowers for Eileen.

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