Monday, October 13, 2008

Help is on the way...

This morning, Cam saw online that Angel Island had been engulfed by fire last night.

I have the day off today for Columbus Day. So, after dropping Sam off at school, I drove down to the end of our peninsula to get a look at Angel Island now.

Here is a Flickr set of my photos from Angel Island today.

Here is one photo of the blaze from last night. There are more amazing photos here.

This one was taken from the top of the Island on Saturday around noon. The Angel Island photos Cameron posted of our weekend adventures begin here. I'm thankful not to have been any closer to that fire, that everyone made it off the island safely and to have explored it so thoroughly before the blaze. I wonder how it will be changed. Another reason to look forward to the rain when things turn green and start growing again.

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