Sunday, August 27, 2006

Making new friends... (cont.)

In the posting just before this one, I mentioned how I had been wondering about how to share the experience of meeting new people about making friends.

Last week, I was invited to a staff party at Kendra's house. I enjoyed visiting with my new co-workers but again have no pictures. At the party, I talked more with Stephanie. She suggested we get our families together for a hike.

The next day, I called her and she told us about a two-mile trail to the beach. We hadn't been on the Tennessee Valley Trail yet so we were excited to meet them there, get to know them better and explore a different area.

The kids began playing together right away. Within minutes of meeting, before setting foot on the trail, they were climbing fences together in the parking area.

Sam and Liam seem to enjoy many of the same activities.

Gladly, the adults enjoyed each other's company too.

The view from the beach was spectacular. Do you see the little boys on these big rocks?

There they are.

Cam and John walked with them around the bend to another area of the beach (more on his blog) while Stephanie, Alyssia and I rested on the beach at talked.

On the other side of the sea wall, they found cool rocks to climb.

The trail to and from the beach splits into two separate trails for a stretch in the middle. John took the kids on the uphill trail on the way to the beach. I took the high road with the boys on the way back. They had fun seeing who could find the largest boulder. We found and admired a tiny lizard. Liam pointed out and taught us about how you could eat the petals of flowers on a wild mustard.

He also wondered aloud why it was illegal to pick our state flower. If you just picked one, what would it hurt? Yes, but if everyone picked one... And why is the California Poppy our state flower anyway? I thought the answer was obvious.

Sam tried to explain his favorite movie of the day, Monty Python and the Holy Grail to Liam. The hilarity Sam tried to convey wasn't picked up by Liam. Cam tried to explain later that what makes the movie funny is its absurdity and that absurdity is sometimes hard to explain.

(Speaking of hilarious, one night this week, we watched a movie Cam picked, Billy Connolly - The Greatest Hits. We laughed and laughed.)

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day. We greatly appreciate they way Stephanie and her family have extended the hand of friendship our way.

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Carma said...

Billy Connelly is in a movie called "Mrs. Brown". Not a laugh out loud type of movie, but quite good.
It is the story of Queen Victoria (played by Dame Judi Dench) a few years after her husband died. She was still in FULL mourning. And a fascinating look into a historical figure. Based events during this timeframe and the fact that there was a Brown whom the queen trusted beyond measure. Amazing acting.